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Chrysina gloriosa


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I just acquired a colony of 15 Chrysina gloriosa.


After so long finally . "whoot" It is truly an EPIC DAY!


I have been keeping C. Woodi and C. Beyri for 3 generations, and just started keeping p. punctata.


Any one have any good tips or any trick i need to know about or grievances anyone would like to share about the lovely c gloriosa?


Would it be best to pair them all out and separate them? or keep them all in one huge tank?


Currently they are all together in the substrate mix I used for the other jewlies, an awesome oak wood root mix i run thur the wood chipper along with some decayed oak and maple leaves.

I have that mixed with some potting compost but not more than 5 percent of the mix, I run it threw the chipper until it is almost powder fine.

The substrate depth is 6 inches, and they are in my humidity room "always 85 percent and above its a jungle in there"


I currently am feeding them some sprigs of juniper, and some beetle jellies.

Do they prefer one flavor over the others? I currently have mango, melon , maple, pink sugar, some strange bright blue berry one, banana and lactose jellies.

Or would they prefer maple syrup?

Anything special to get them to ovaposite?



thanks in advance



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Quick update

Well what ever I did seemed to work really well. Quick tip to anyone else keeping them mine seem to enjoy blue agave syrup the best. Even over jellies ,juniper and maple syrup.


LOL you bet they are the picture of cute !!

I now have like 100 grubs once all the eggs hatch and they reach next enstar I will count them.


So exciteing lol they are about the prettiest beetles ever!


anyone got any idea on pupateing p/c gloriosa?


thanks in advance



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