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Solution to site issues


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I don't know if it's any help for their developers, but the problem is that it's not loading the Howler audio library, so it throws an error when it tries to preload the notification audio file (which evidently only happens when notifications are turned on - thanks to Scott for finding that setting).  I can provide the line number and file if that would be helpful.

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I have passed it on to the tech support guys who had checked in with their developers at one point at least, but they are in the UK I believe and should be seeing all this great new info this evening. Hopefully it is as helpful to them in fixing the issues as it has been for me in simply being able to log in and reply after about 3 days now. I can also finally log in to the admin panel and did approve a few new members earlier before deciding I better hold off on approving the rest (sorry to anybody in the pending approval queue) so that they don't join into an alternate reality where they are members but can't participate anymore than they could as "guests/viewers!"

I really appreciate @scottbot84 and @Schiem for finding this temporary workaround for myself and other members. I few people had mentioned they had pending business going on in the messages area that they needed to get access to ASAP.

I'm sorry for any inconveniences, and thanks to everybody for their patience and general interest in the forum...and beetles! I don't post much on here but I continue to be very interested in beetles and in supporting the beetle hobby through multiple avenues including Instagram and Youtube.




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