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Best collecting conditions in Arzona/S. Utah

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I am planning on traveling down to Arizona on a collecting excursion, possibly at the start of next week. I remember hearing somewhere that the best time to collect is right after a good bought of rain, can anyone confirm this? I am really hoping to see some D granti again as well, is it likely that we will find any end of July? Last year we found two, but that was towards the middle of August. We also found a hefty number of large long horns, and a good amount of c. gloriosa. Is there anything else we should look for? While I am there, anything anyone would be interested in me collecting for you?

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If you could find some Vesperelater arizonicus that'd be awesome, really wanna see a US native Pyrophorini species established in the hobby, (and I have good experience working with that group). :) Should be found in most mountainous areas of southern AZ, the Madera canyon area included. 

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