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Hello, accidental beetle-haver here


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Hello everyone, thanks for adding me to the forum. I have had a beetle since the end of May this year, when a male Ox beetle crashed into my shed. A few days later, I found a female of the same species over turned in my garage, but none since then.  I am in central Texas and used to just seeing june bugs, fireflies, and click beetles. I had no idea strategus aloeus were even a thing. I placed them in a tank together for about a month, and tonight counted about 20 larva in the tank, as well as many more eggs. Here's hoping things work out with them. I posted my questions about them in the breeding forum already.

I'd love any advice on keeping these beetles and their grubs. I tried to make some flake soil but it molded horribly and was a failure. I need to figure out a new source of substrate pretty soon since I have so many grubs now.

In the future, I would be interested in keeping some other kinds of large beetle, but I prefer catching local species if I can.

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Lucky! I wish I could find ox beetles around me.

I also had issues making substrate for my beetles(incorrect temps/molding), so I ended up just buying some.

this is where I get my substrate from, https://www.insectbrothers.org/product-page/copy-of-beetle-substrate-2-gallon-pack

As for your other questions, I will let someone more experienced answer them, but I believe you will have to separate the larva to keep them from hurting each other at later stages.

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