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Hello noahsarkexoticpets

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Hello all, I recently got into keeping bugs as of 2019. Before that I have been keeping fish and reptiles. 

Though I have exotic pets in my name I don't really do much with anything exotic. I currently am working on getting new bugs into the hobby that are native to my home state of Maryland and have had some success so far with Scolopocryptops Sexpinosus. I am particularly interested in the native isopods, harvestmen, salamanders, and springtails and have been rearing most of the native species to my area within a year or 2 I should have captive bred babies available. I joined the forum to learn more about bugs and the community and hope to meet some great people. Some of my current projects are

Eastern Redback Salamanders

Scolopocryptops Sexpinosus

Cylindroiulus sp.

Cylisticus Convexus

Trachelipus Rathkii

Geophilus Sp.

Armadillidium Nasatum

Armadillidium Vulgare 

Thanks for reading,

PM me if interested in any of my projects. 

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