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Hello all, Arthroverts here. I'm not necessarily completely new to the beetle side of the hobby, but I am new to this forum, ha ha.

I keep a little bit of everything when it comes to invertebrates, with interests in all invertebrate groups kept in captivity and some that aren't. Recently I have become aware however how I really need to up my beetle game, as they truly are amazing insects. With help from some friends I am slowly acquiring more species, and as many of you probably also do I am lamenting the dearth of exotic species here in the US.

I can be found under the same name on Arachnoboards, Allpets Roach Forum, Das International Käeferforum, and the Diplopoda.de Forum, as well as the Reef2Reef marine aquarium forum. I also am the creator and proprietor of the invertebrate blog arthroverts.org



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