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Phileurus truncatus Video

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I caught this beetle while blacklighting in Arizona, in July of 2009. Unfortunately, it was just a very nice male (so no reproduction). In the video, you can see a specimen of Chrysina beyeri that was eaten by the P. truncatus. The predator chewed a hole into the victim to feed.


(click the 480 pixel version of the video for higher quality)



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I think i´m not so suprised.

The Lucanid females or somtimes the Male too, kill another (in breed their own) Grubs, for Protein and make sure, that their own Gens rise up.


Goliathinii like Eudicella, Mecynorrhina eat larvas too, if i give not them Protein (Jelly).


I think, if they found a dead Beetle, and it is "open" so they will eat or lick the Lymph out.


You Guys have impressive Beetles around you ! :)




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