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D tityus Pupa


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This is a relief to see. I actually interrupted this cell and another during my last substrate check a couple of weeks ago, totally unintentionally (I'm an idiot). The other cell already had a female pupa inside, but this guy hadn't pupated yet and was still mobile enough to turn himself around a couple times, so I thought for sure he'd end up dying due to wasting energy on attempting to rebuild the cell. I just sort of loosely cupped some moist paper towel over the broken end of the cell and partially reburied it so that I could lift the paper towel to check up every now and again, since I've read that he might kill himself trying to dig away at the floral foam of an artificial cell. Two weeks of stress and I finally get to see this lad. 😁

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4 hours ago, arizonablue said:

Glad he made it! He looks great!

Thanks! I can't tell a minor from a major, or whether the final horns will be as impressive as the pupa appears, but so far he looks like he's shaping up to be just like his dad. 😁

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