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Distribution pattern for US Dynastes

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I've collected D. granti in Arizona on two occasions, but I'd like to hear some collecting experiences of people who have found Dynastes tityus. For example, if you find one beetle in a particular area are you likely to be able to find a few more that same night, or is it pretty hit and miss?


Also, are there some dependable states or cities/towns where a person could collect D. tityus?



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ohhh i know this is a older post but what the heck i just saw it!

I have seen and collected D. tityus for 2 years in kendell county north of san antonio Texas there flight seems to run thur july-august here. We get lots of Oxes from april-june.


However, I am allways on the hunt for D granti and have not found one yet!


hope that helps

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