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Does anyone have any suggestions for a set up to collect insects at night? i know Bioquip has some expensive options, and I have had issues with their shipping times to my place... Does anyone have any photos or suggestions for a light weight, cheap, alternative to the Mercury Vapor bulb kits?





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Are you dead set on using a mercury vapor bulb?


If so, a lot of UV reptile lights are mercury vapor
They have a frosted glass finish though, so the light won't travel as far as the more expensive bulbs on bioquip. However, you might be able to find some of these lights for cheap on craigslist or a local store.



There are also UV flashlights as an alternative (plus you won't need a bulky power supply with these):

^ 100 UV led flashlight for $12 shipped (if it does not show up like that right now I'd suggest trying to do a search to find a different one. They go on/off sale constantly so the prices vary a lot.)


^ small UV flashlight for $3 shipped

Aliexpress can be a hit or miss sometimes though. They're really good with refunds if you don't get what you ordered (sometimes the item can get held at customs or get lost in shipping. It's coming from china with free shipping, it's kind of to be expected)

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