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my first rhino beetles


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Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! Your photos really show the irredescent colors of the elytra.



thanks, Peter


actually I like females more - their elytra although a bit dull comparing to more glossy males', however it has more texture and hues of violet and purple.

perhaps I'll try to get them for photo posing one day ! (now I don't want to disturb them from their important business of procreation :rolleyes: )

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You are very lucky to have these beetles available to you. I know many people that would give their left arms for these beetles.



well, actually at present moment there are like 5-6 pairs of them still available (C. atlas).

also, perhaps will be avail. 5 horned beetles (E. gracilicornis)

so, if your friends are interested - you can refer them.

(or drop me a PM)

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