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Greetings from Ireland


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Hi all,


My name is Rob and I am from Ireland. Great to be here amongst fellow beetle lovers and I look forward to conversing with others.

I have studied insects for over 25 years, keeping and breeding mainly butterflies and moths along with beetles and various other insects.

I managed to build up a nice collection of dried insects during this time.

I took a break for a few years from my hobby as kids came along. Now the break is over and I cannot wait to get back in to it again.

It's nice to see how social media and forums have brought like minded people together and it sure makes it a lot easier, when I started this hobby first, there was no internet, it was all done by writing letters and waiting weeks for replies especially from exotic countries. We've come a long way.........

Anyway I'm looking forward to starting breeding of beetles as soon as I can. Hoping to start with some of the African Flower Beetles (M.polyphemus)





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Hello, welcome to the forum! :) You should be able to get some pretty cool beetles, much less regulation when it comes to beetles over there.

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Thanks Hisserdude for you welcome, I took a look at your blog spot, very nice scolopendra.

I kept one years ago. Pure predator, fast and vicious.

On the subject of regulation, l understand the difficulties of importing to the US especially livestock.

Do you have any idea on the current regulations of exporting either dried insects or livestock (larvae) from the US

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Thanks, I love my Scolopendra too, he's beautiful, and it's fun watching him eat! :)


I believe it is just as difficult as importing, our stupid laws don't allow it. <_<

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I already got very often livestock from the US and also sent very often livestock to the US and never had problems with customs (only one time a letter with Saturniid eggs took too long). Butterfly/moth and phasmid eggs are absolutely no problem. They can be sent in letters. But I did not only send/receive dozens of letters to/from the US, also small parcels have never been a problem. Hundreds of cocoons were shipped without any problems. I think the clue is to send small parcels. They are not very conspicious, especially as they might even be regarded as letters (this is the case when I send them from Germany and might be similar from other countries). I had only very few letters and parcels taking more than two weeks (average is about 7-10 days, which is absolutely acceptable for most insects).

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