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Help! Collapsed pupal cell with larvae inside


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I have a container where one of my larvae (not sure the species, I found it in a rotting log in NY) made its cell at the top, leaving the cell open. This means I can peak in on him which is nice.


Unfortunately, my cat found it and buried him. I dug him out a bit, he's definitely alive but covered in soil. I read that they can become deformed when they pupate if soil is in the way. Should I try to remove every piece of soil? Move him elsewhere? Thanks!


On that note, what's an average time of a scarab beetle to pupate? He's been in the cell for a little over 2 months and hasn't done anything. I've never raised beetles before and couldn't find much info on it.

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You need to clear the pupal chamber or else the substrate will get in the way of molting into a pupa and properly expanding all the limbs after ecdysis. The chamber needs to remain closed to maintain proper humidity levels, so you should not be removing the lid except for infrequent viewing or else the pupa may begin desiccating.

The pre-pupal stage takes a considerable amount of time in some species, and will take significantly longer in cooler conditions than in warm ones.

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