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Hi. I'm an Ultrasound technician from central Illinois. I've been keeping roaches for a little over a year and currently have a dozen species under culture:

B. atropos-new starter
B. boliviensis-medium colony
B. lateralis-new starter
E. posticus-new starter
E. floridana-medium colony
G. grandidieri-small colony
G.portensa-small colony
H. flexivitta-small colony
N. rhombifolia-Large colony
P. nigra-small colony
P. surinamensis-small colony
R. cf. capelloi-small colony

I keep these as pets (no feeding out) and first learned of this forum through the Allpet Roaches" website.

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Orin McMonigle has reared some to adulthood, and maybe some other people too, but in VERY limited numbers. They are very picky on where they lay their eggs, and when they do they don't lay a lot of eggs. The pupa have a low survival rate as well, so it's pretty hard to breed these guys consistently.

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