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Artificial Pupal Cells

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I have a couple Allomyrina dichotoma prepupas; However, there are some with damaged pupal cells. I have floral foam, but its my first time making artificial pupa cells. I just have a few questions. How moist should you keep the floral foam? And how long and wide should the artificial cell be relative to the prepupa? Also, Allomyrina dichotoma have vertical pupal cells, but is it okay to have horizontal artificial pupal cells? Also, some of the floral foam seems to stick to the prepupa, no matter how smooth I make it. Is this harmful to the beetle?


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You can use different things.. I have even used toilet paper and a rectangular container before. The cell should be just a bit wider than the pupa and should wrap around the top partially, so that they can flip over when eclosing.


I've tried the floral foam but didn't like the mess...

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Naw, they don't NEED vertical cells.


Also, peat pots should work, but it's all about the space between the pupae and the walls of the cell. They need to turn themselves over to properly eclose, and they use the sides of the cell to flip over. They can eclose without flipping but they will almost always be deformed adults. You can use lots of different things, but whatever you use make sure the cell walls are close to the pupae.



Hope this helps !

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