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Alobates pensylvanica

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Darkling beetles are usually not carnivorous and do not eat live prey. They enjoy eating fruit, dog/fish food, and vegetables.


Although I do not keep this species, I have read from Orin that their larvae are softer and more prone to dessication than other darklings and supposedly like animal protein (dead of course), but other than that larval care is same as with most other darklings.

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Actually, this specific species is known to be predatory on other insects. However, I would guess that they would eat dog food in captivity, and probably fruits and veggies too. I do not know if anybody has bred this species, but I would keep the substrate semi moist (since they are normally found in rotten logs), with lots of ventilation. If you get any larva, you should maybe separate them, because they are supposed to be predatory too, and they might eat each other. I hope this helps! :)

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