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What is your darkling pupation setup?

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I was just wondering, how are you guys pupating your darkling beetle larva? My setup is a plastic parts box, and in each compartment I have a thin layer of moist toilet paper. I put a larva in a cell, and wait about a month. I keep the toilet paper moist, but not wet.

Also, how long after hatching do you usually try to pupate your larva?

Thanks in advance!

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For my Z.morio, I use deli cups with compost from their cage.


I have noticed that they do not need to be starved to pupate, because they will stop eating when they are ready. I have seen a superworm actually dig a pupal cell in a large container while completely alone, even though offered lettuce.


Adding substrate may reduce risk of starvation from larvae that are too young, since sometimes I catch a larva in a cup molting instead of pupating.

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For my Z.morio I put them in cups with nothing in them, and I keep them dry. Z.morio and T.molitor do not need more moisture or humidity levels than what levels your house is at. Eleodes pupa, however, need high humidity and moisture, but if they come into contact with a drop of water, they die, according to orin mcmonigle. I assume it is the same with most other darklings. Thanks for letting me know your setup! :)

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