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Pleasing Beetle?

Sean C

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I assume this is the species based on google.


Any confirmation is appreciated!


I was in the backyard and it came flying by me and ended up landing in the compost pile and traveled around in it long enough for me to find something to put it in. Thankfully the eggshell was there =p.


I am assuming larvae feed on organic matter.


Either way it is a beautiful beetle. Love the blue!


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Yes it is Gibbifer californicus, a pleasing fungus beetle. The larva eat fungus on rotten wood. The adults eat nectar, pollen, and fungus. hope this helps! :)

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Yeah, these are really pretty beetles when they are alive.


Unfortunately, they turn an unpleasant shade of tan/brown after they die, losing all the blue.


Or at least the ones in my collection have done this.

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