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Calling All Isopods!

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Couple things,

I love isopods and was hunting Philoscia sp. today, with much success. Among the ~1cm specimens I collected I'd find small dull grayish colored ones that were like 2mm and moved much like Philos...were these babies or maybe a micropod? Btw, the adult specimens are almost always dark gray with yellow speckles and a black head, not the case with the small ones as I mentioned.

Also, where can I get some real interesting and different isopods? Like those massive African or Madagascar species...I've already gotten almost the entire catalog from Bugsincyberspace.com, and am currently working out an order with roachcrossing.com. Anywhere else I should look? (Within US or a country that I can order from if that exists).

Thanks in advance!

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ken the bug guy has some, but none that bugsincyberspace or roachcrossing doesn't have. You can't really get any exotic species here, unfortunately.

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