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Earwigs won't breed!


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So a long time ago ( 3 or 4 months ago ) I caught a female earwig in a burrow with a bunch of eggs. I put her and the eggs in a small container full of coco fiber. She cleaned and sat on the eggs and they hatched etc. Etc. Now I have about 14 babies are adults. Aboult half of them are males, half of them are females. The point is it has been a couple of months and none of the females are laying eggs! I assume they have mated, but they aren't making nests and laying eggs. They are in a shoebox with a substrate of coco fiber and jungle mix fir and sphagnum peat moss. Is the substrate wrong? Should they be in a smaller container? Thanks in advance! P.s they are European earwigs forficula auricularia.

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