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Eleodes pupating in toilet paper

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I have successfully pupated an Eleodes Armatus in toilet paper. I took a baby food container (a plastic one with a plastic top) and put moist toilet paper at the bottom. I put the larva in it and let it make a cell in the toilet paper. It made a cell underneath the toilet paper. So it was on the bare bottom of the plastic container. It became a pre-pupa.


There was condensation at the bottom of the container, so I removed the pre-pupa and put a small piece of dry toilet paper at the bottom of the container, which soaked up the condensation, leaving the toilet paper semi-moist. Then I put the pre-pupa back. Then I put a second layer of toilet paper about 1/2" above the pre-pupa, making sure that it adhered to the sides of the container without touching the pre-pupa. (Because it was moist, I was able to mold it to stick to the sides of the container.) Every few days I would spray the top layer so that it would stay humid in the cage.


It pupated in a few days and enclosed in a month or so. It hardened successfully with only a small dent (I don't know how that happened, I did not handle it). It is now with its brethren eating and looking happy. I hope this helps with people who don't have access to a glass aquarium.


Will post pictures later.

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