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Euchroea histrionica


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Look at the underside of the abdomen. In many Cetonid species, male beetles have a slight dip or depression running down the abdomen from top to bottom. Female beetles are evenly rounded with no depression.


Nice beetles. I'm UK based, let me know if you have any excess larvae from these.

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Thank you both. As Matt, I have also come to the conclusion it is a female. So I just hope the next one is differs a bit and have a groove so i can be certain. As its looking now, theres no larva coming, since this is the only specimen I have so far. I got the larva from bugzuk last year infact...


Wow, is it that strict in the US? I can sortoff see why, since you have high temperatures all year round in many states. Not a 'problem' we have to deal with here, its been around -10c - -23c for the last five months... If something from madagascar or something is put out here, its dead within minutes...

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