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Lots of people do handle wolf spiders, but I don't. The trick is not to make the spider feel threatened or trapped. Let it step onto your hand and choose its own path. If you try to direct it too much, it might bite. Before it steps onto our hand let it out of its container for a few minutes. Let it walk around a bit before letting it walk onto your hand. With a little practice you might gently "nudge" (direct) it with your other hand so that it stays where you want it to go, but you are always taking a chance with a spider, especially the first few times you are holding it. If you are nervous your unpredictable, jerking movements may accidently provoke a threat response by the spider.


Never stick your hand into a spider's container. Usually the only movements that a spider experiences in its container come from the feeder insects you put in there. Your moving fingers will likely be interpreted as food to the spider if you put them in the cage.

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