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Antrodiaetus pacificus

Web eviction

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It's amazing how common they are in the Pacific NW. A local paper ran an article recently about these and one of their sources of information was quoted as suggesting it might be a Sydney Funnel Web (one of the most venomous spiders in the world that people are yearly bit by). It generated a lot of discussion. I see males very regularly, but you have to dig to find females. The females are capable of producing eggs at a fraction of the size of the specimen you shared a photo of. One of the PNW's best pet bugs, IMO!

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They are living with mom in the bottom of her burrow as she is still protecting them a few have ventured out and made small burrows down the sides of the vile very neat to observe and luckily I have a bunch of pinheads just hatched out so feeding them hasn't been a problem

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