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Hardy water lilies


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Hi everyone :D,


Here are my hardy water lilies I got this year a month or two ago:




They must like me a lot! It produced the flower and tons of leafs after I had them a while :D

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Those are really beautiful. I saw 3 varieties in similar sized pots at a local Pho restaurant recently. I'd love to have a couple set ups of these for the back deck. I think we have some wild ones at the base of the slope behind my new house, but I've not managed to cut a trail all the way down just yet. Yellowjackets indicated to me in less than hospitable ways that my trail ending early the one time I machete'd my way most of the way down. I'm waiting until winter to fight that battle again.

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If you can get water lilies for free I would try it ;) These aren't the cheapest things around. I think they were somewhere between $14-$30 but I cannot remember exactly.


Maybe you should have a couple mantids or jumping spiders on you when you go down there next time ;)

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