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Eleodes (don't know exact species)


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Hi everyone :)


These are my Eleodes, I don't know the exact species so I am hoping some people on here may feel like guessing a bit ;)







Yes they are from Bugsincyberspace, there are some nice pictures there also.

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Eleodes longicollis?

Whatever they are they're cute. :)


They do look a lot like E. longicollis, especially the ones on this link:



Maybe I could flip one over and get another picture. I don't want to call them a certain species until we are for sure (which vary well may never happen, knowing how many Eleodes there are)


They are very cute :D They are constantly moving or doing something (at least a few are anyways)


Their wing covers are fused together, and they are some sort of arid species.

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Eleodes longicollis are long and glossy. Those are E. subnitens.

Here is where I got them :)



Some more pictures:






I can't find many pictures on E. subnitens, but the few I found online do look more like the ones I got. Especially because most of mine are fat ;):P

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Your Eleodes are rather rare in that they are captive bred and a number of generations removed from wild-caught. I am familiar.


I LOVE rare things :D


Is the species E. subnitens rare? Do you mean that they started as a wild caught species but then they were captive bred for generations until now?

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The rare part is that they are captive bred not wild caught. However, it also might be very difficult to locate anyone with wild-caught specimens of this species.


I would rather have captive bred stuff anyways :D Then you don't have to worry about bringing in any mold/pest (even though I have never had any problems with them)


Do you know where these would originally came from? Like their native area? I keep trying to google them but I can't find much on the specific species.

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Just bought some bananas, apples, lettuce, and pears to feed to these beetles and my new pachydesmus millipede :D (I am getting it in the mail within a day or two)


I figured they might be getting sick of just apples ;)

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