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Desert Springtails?


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I have read that a handful of species of Springtails have made a home for themselves in the desert regions of the world, but I haven't been able to find anything specific; can anyone help to enlighten me on the subject? Photo's, species names, natural history information, anything along these lines will be much appreciated.


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Whenever I do find species in the desert they are where everything else is, hiding under rocks, near streams, etc. in places as moist as can be found. On my most recent trip in November, I did not see a single springtail though I found some tiny termites beneath rocks in the Anza-Borrego park in southern California. Other than that I found a nice selection of tenebrionids, a few centipedes and scorpions and little else. Death Valley turned up a small handful of arachnids and nothing else.

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