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Augosoma centaurus


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I have looked around at the care of these wonderful beasts but am getting conflicting responses from sites that I deem to know what they are talking about. One of the sites mentions A. centaurus to be a really easy species to keep and culture, whereas the second site has a species profile for A. centaurus which refers to it as "best kept by expert beetle keeper".


Has anybody here ever kept, or known somebody that has cultured them?

Any input is greatly appreciated.



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Yes. However natural worlds has their basic care listed as most rhino beetles, yet in the European boards there is some informations which suggests they are a “best left for experts” species to breed. I have often seen them pop up here or there as adults for sale, and have only seen a handful of occasions of larvae for sale. It seems to me that if their care was as most other Dynastids then the hobby would have more as their morphology is very similar to that of the genus Dynastes (which they were classified under initially).

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This species is hard to get because there are a lot of scams in Cameroon, where they are from. The guy from Kingdom of Beetle Taiwan said so.

That's a reason why wild-caught aren't easy to come across but we know they've been bred in captivity going back at least a dozen years and they're still not available.

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