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Hello, from SC!

Ryan Minard

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Some of you may know me from Mantidforum.net. I have been keeping beetles for some time but would like to get better at it. What better way to grow in knowledge than joining a forum? I hope to grow a lot on this site and come to contribute a lot of information. I currently keep stag beetle larvae of Lucanus spp. I also have the larvae of what I think to be Dorcus brevis (yup... the RARE one!!!). I have 2 minor males of the species aswell. I also keep Odontotaenius dusjunctus as they are fun, though quite common.


I live in the upstate of SC, where there are a lot of cool beetles. I would like to get D. tityus some time soon but can't find any. I've seen a few in my life but only when I was much younger.

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