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Hej Hi Hello from Sweden!

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Hej hej from Sweden! I am here since I am interested in housing some native beetles. Here we have a saying that goes "kärt barn har många namn" which essentially means that a "loved child has many names" which seems to be true with this beetle. I am interested in Geotrupidae beetles. Also known as dor beetles, earth-boring dung beetles or the one I most use which is the swedish name of them "Tordyvel". I am specifically looking at collecting some of the beetles with forest habitats, geotrupidae anpolotrupes (sometimes found as anoplotrupes stercorosus or geotrupe stercorosus). They are qualified as a thriving breed here in Sweden and has been for years. That means I don't need to worry about of they are flagged for extinction when collecting some, and it will most likely not be very hard finding some. I am a few months away from actually getting any beetles (hoping to maybe collect some in autumn or, worst case scenario, next year) since I want to gather all facts first. 

I have been obsessed with these beetles since I was a child and really want to make the habitat and care of these little cuties the highest standard I possibly can. Unless I want my nearest and dearest to run from me, I will most likely not use dung or feces in my home (I already nixed the idea of spiders for this reason, to many arachnophobes around me and to small of a living space to be able to separate them, haha). I also live at the top floor of a seven floor apartment building so my neighbors would probably kill me if I brought home dung regularly. But from what I've researched so far, I seem to be able to feed them rotten and decaying fruits and plants as nutrients. I might just sadly not be able to breed them, which is a bummer.

I am looking forward to browsing through these forums and hopefully getting some tips and tricks from all you guys! I've already read some and I am a little intimidated by how knowledgeable all of you seem. I am totally new to this but excited to learn! Even if you don't have the specific family of beetle that I want to house, I am excited to hear about your journey to collecting beetles. Please be patient if I ask redundant or stupid questions and I will try to scour the already made threads before asking! 

Enough rambling! Thanks for having me 😊

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Welcome! I think you can get all sorts of beetles in the trade where you live but I don't know that small number of nice rhinos, stags, flower beetles in Europe venture into Sweden.

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