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My old harlequin flower beetle - what should I do?

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I own an adult Harlequin Flower Beetle I got from bugsincyberspace and I've had her for almost a year now(not exactly sure how old she was when I purchased her though, so I don't exactly know how old she really is, if any customer knows, please tell me how old their harlequin beetles are when they are sold). Let me fill you on her.

She's a great little beetle with her own personality. So pretty, but despises other flower beetles. But she's been through a lot through out her life. She's so strong. Those annoying grain mite out breaks, missing tarsi, not too long ago she started moving kinda lop-sided. She also looks like she developed a new scratch-like marking on her, is that normal?  

She recently stopped being able to walk without falling on her side and stayed on or next to her banana at all times. She can't burrow anymore either. Strangly this happened on the same day my new rainbow dung beetle was introduced. 

Because of her staying on the banana, she was sticky and her legs and mouth were caked in dirt. This actually makes me suspect that dirt could be the issue when my rice beetle scarab died, I noticed his mouth was full of dirt too.  I used to use coconut soil, but my harlequin flower had difficultly moving in it. Fruit and dirt do not mix, I guess. But Inky refused her jelly so I had no choice but to continue giving her her favorite - banana. Yesterday I gave her a bath by putting her in a shallow dish of water. She drank ALOT of water too...or she appeared to(yes, I do have a water dish in the tank but I rarely ever see her use it). Once she was all clean, I let her dry off out side(it was very warm) in a container lined with a towel. She loved it. She was walking around pretty good. She actually tried to fly! It's been a while since I've seen her do that! (guess she really hates captivity...) I cleaned out a spare bug tank to keep her seperated. It's time for retirement anyways. But still, she couldn't walk or burrow in substrate, I tried both dirt and coconut fiber including a mix, still, she couldn't move. It was so painful to watch, I almost wanted to find a humane way to eliminate her out of misery. I remembered how well she could walk on the towel, so adding some sticks, she now has a towel  as substrate and it's such a relief to see her walk around again. 

But I'm not sure how well she will thrive on a towel. She's sleeping under it, and looks rather content compared to sleeping on a slick sticky banana. If anyone knows of a substrate that can help her out please tell me. Also, if things get worse, should I put her out of her misery and whats the most humane way? Ugh. So awful having to think about doing that! Sometimes I wish she would pass away peacefully on her own now. She's suffering.

Thanks for any advice!


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Ever try damp sphagnum moss? Most of my collection is kept in this.

Don't put her out of her misery, let nature take its course if anything.

A tip most people don't know is the Red Bull trick. Put some on a paper towel and put it around her mouth parts. It could wake her up a bit. This tip was taught to me by a well known and respected hobbyist. 

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So, Red Bull... you might get a commercial out of that.

Dispatching insects- the freezer works well, there are also fluids, like ethyl acetate that work, but beetles can be resilient and need several hours

in a dispatching jar.

I had a female Lucanus elephus that went belly up about a week ago, and wasn't coming back, I used the fluid and she'll go into my collection.

Nature is one thing, but when an insect is laying upside down slowly twitching it's legs, it's dying, of course, insects are not sentient beings,

but I don't like seeing them slowly expire over a day or more.

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Thanks guys. I'll look into getting that moss. She survived overnight on the towel and is currently eating banana. Now that she's clean, I looked at some more and noticed some whitish yellow crust on a leg and mouth is kind of whitish, but not alot. I kind of worry that these problems are being caused by another round of grain mites. But I know she is able to eat because she still poops. Maybe thats why she's always on the banana. She's having difficulty eating. I can only imagine the mouth being the worst part for grain mites to crust up in. Should I fast her till the crust goes away? How long can I do it? Is there something she can still eat that won't cause any more mites to build up or how ever they work? There's no mites in the tank she is in and the one she use to live in nor any on her millipede and dung beetle tank mates. Not sure what it is.

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Well, yes, she does have grain mites on her mouth in the crusty form, I see that they have spread on her muzzle. She also has some on the joint of a leg. Looks like we're off banana at least. I gave her a jelly, hoping for the best.

Edit: She gave in and is eating the jelly! 

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