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I would love to hear your success in who has bred Eleodes armata

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I would love to hear your success story and setup from larva to pupa to beetle of the Eleodes Armata. Does anyone know what the exact temp and humidity level would be for incubation?  My house temp sometimes is not stable, and looking at getting a Hova-bator Incubater for my next group of Larva. Right now I am waiting for 3 to 4 weeks to see my results if I can get my first beetle. I have 12 larva in waiting.  I feel like a mother hen.

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Just an update. It has been 2 weeks now with my Eleodes Armata larva. I made the mistake in placing most of them in non-clear disposable insulated coffee cups, but I had maybe 6 that are in clear jewelry containers with holes poked in the lid. Tonight I lifted one of those containers up, and I can see on the bottom a pupa.  Yeah! super excited. I am guessing 1 to 2 more weeks. I believe it takes 3 to 4 weeks to go from Pupa to Beetle. Correct me if I am wrong.  Do you suggest I put something in the container for them to climb on when they come up to the surface in a week or two?  My house temp is 70 to 73, 62% humidity. Larva are in a 60% sand 40% lightly moist cocofiber.  They are placed in the dark closet.  Also, when I put the larva in the containers, I placed no food. And I am trying a variety of sand mixtures, containers, and cocofiber dryness and moistness. I'll keep you up to date as time goes on.

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