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Is it safe to buy beetles from Titanmonsterbeetleshop or RhinobeetleUK?

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Why would you pay a fine when you have a permit? Unless you bought something that you didn't get a permit for..

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I'd think not, that's the point of a permit, there could be rules for importing, and you'd need to follow those, it's a subject I'm just guessing

at, I'll never go to the effort for a beetle permit, and they don't give them for Lepidoptera to hobbyists.

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Importing beetles is going to require both permits from the USDA\APHIS and the FWS. Exotics (with the notable exception Goliathus species) are almost always going to require a containment facility. If you get permitted and have all the paperwork than there is no reason for you to be fined. Anything less than that is illegal and comes with serious consequences. Few individuals are able to fulfill the strict protocols legally, resulting in fairly widespread trafficking. I know a few individuals who have been permitted and imported successfully, but I can count them on one hand. Institutions with resources are more easily able to fulfill the necessities stipulated by USDA\APHIS, but having worked at a few of them, it's still not by any means easy. 

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