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Topic about fermenting sawdust

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I advise you to put it somewhere warmer because fermentation is very slow when cold.

Temperature is very important for making flake soil hence the reason why people usually make it during the summer.

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You could try heating pads, like for reptiles or vegetables. A room warming heater might be too much, and a heat pad is safe and probably

uses less power.

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3 hours ago, Scarabs said:

What if I put it in my basement with small heaters around it

Like Oak said, temperature is the key. When the temps are high, things go great, when the temps are low, it can stop the fermenting process or take very, very long. The basement being kept warm should work. I have my composters in a room with a small space heater and the room is kept at 75 degrees and it works fine during the winter. Any area that you can keep warm will do it. 

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