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Goliathus goliatus - wandering at 35g?

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I have one (likely female) Goliathus that is wandering for a few days to the point of escaping the container before I secured it with rubber bands.

35g seems a bit small to pupate, should I move it to pupation substrate?

I added food as I do like clockwork and can't tell if it was consumed, it my have been mixed into the substrate.

Conditions are the same as my other larvae, the largest of which is ~50g.

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The pupation substrate Beetle Source was selling (out of stock ATM). A bit pricey but worth it. It even comes sealed in the bag so the moisture content stays correct.

I'll probably make my own when I need more, but it helps to have a reference at first. Did the same thing with flake soil and other substrates I now make myself.


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Hi, This is Lucas from Insect Brothers, 

If your Goliathus beetle larva is wandering around in circle and do not eat or try to stand against the wall at L3 stage that is most likely the indicator that your larva is in search of soil to pupate. They often react to temperature change as a trigger or some larvae just pupate faster than the others. 

-ps. If you changed your sub to something foreign to larva it can also be the reason to wander and not eat for a bit.

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