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Millipede Not Moving His Legs!

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Las night, my baby North American Giant Millipede legs have stopped moving and he can no longer move around and burrow! He's about 2 inches long. I've had him for about 3 months now. He is still alive but can only curl tightly into a ball when ever I touch him. He can unravel and wiggle around and he's not sluggish. It's so sad to see him struggle. I put him in a different enclosure which is larger with more substrate this morning. He's just curled up. I recently had a problem with grain mites in a different enclosure, none was in his enclosure, and I see none on him. His legs just don't work. Is he getting ready to shed? He looks completely normal. What's wrong with him?

Thanks for any help!


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Thank you! That's exactly why he did that cause I woke up this morning and I found a white skin right next to him! I did notice he was a little pale in color lately. Now he's got his brown color back and some bright red legs. He still remains in the same spot in a tightly curled ball. I suspected that his exoskeleton wouId be soft, so I mist down the enclosure a little this morning, and he moved. Just checking on him and thought he might be a little thirsty after shedding. I hope I didn't hurt him. I've been leaving him be.

I'm really having substrate problems right now. All I have is coconut soil. Is it true that millipedes can choke on it/can't digest it? I heard some people use it for millipedes.

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Thank you! I put some rotting wood and cucumber in the enclosure for him, but he seems to be enjoying his shedded  skin more than anything else! 

Btw, is there anything I can feed him besides rotting wood, decaying leaves, and cucumber? Would he eat some type pet food?

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