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If it's within the states it's not likely to be caught, however if you are trying to receive the package from overseas there's a high possibility you'll get a knock on your door from some federal agents. I would not risk it unless you have a permit specifically for importing that species. Try finding a seller within the states, it's much safer that way!

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I've got some experience with this issue.

All interstate shipping is regulated, and prohibited without a permit. There seem to be exceptions, and to me, the first

mistake would be to ask an authoritative agency. 

Overseas shipments of livestock are also prohibited and you'll never get a permit unless you're a professional

entomologist or work for a zoo.

Realistically, I've never heard of any issue with shipping any livestock within the USA, and with overseas I've never heard of any of my

trading partners from InsectNet.com, having an issue. A lot of things are illegal that people ignore, speeding in your car, texting and driving,

underage drinking. Breaking a law, or rule is a personal choice and hobbyists are unlikely to have an issue, unless they're careless, just like any other

law or rule. I have spoken with one person who was caught raising Actias selene, he was fined and did not disclose the amount. I have spoken with

another person who told me he knew several persons who were caught importing beetle livestock from overseas, and the fines were in the 6 figure amounts,

and go with increased scrutiny. If you choose to accept the risk, I'd communicate frankly with the seller about these issues.

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