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I checked on my larvae a few days ago (about 3-4) days and today I decided to take a peek just in case and noticed a big chunk of substrate missing on the side with wet marks. Is this larvae pupating?









If so, I suppose the best thing is to leave him/her alone, but I also have the other larvae in which I can see is at the bottom which is the other mate for the one possibly pupating...is there a risk of it harming the current chamber? If it is a chamber?

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It's harder to tell from the image but it seems like it may be the start of a pupa cell from what I have seen from mine. I wouldn't mess with it. Keep an eye on it though and if you notice the other larvae starting to cause a problem then move the pupa to an artificial cell.

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Okay thanks a lot Jordan I will watch it as much as possible the only reason I believe it is a pupal chamber is because it seems rather large inside which isn't view-able through the picture..and it has moisture around the edges. If the other larvae does cause any issues should I make the artificial one out of that green foam stuff? Or clay?? and would I have to place it in a new container? thank-you for the swift reply!

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