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Hello! I'm very new to beetle keeping (which is to say, I don't even have a single grub to my name) and to inverts in general. I've kept a small handful of tarantulas, that's it. Mostly, I'm big in to reptile keeping, with some amphibians here and there. I would very much like to get in to rearing some of the more pet friendly and impressive species of US beetles, but we'll see how that goes - I started off loving ball pythons and thinking that they were the only reptiles worth keeping when I got in to herps, and now I have a very broad palette for species and find ball pythons to be among the most absolutely boring you could own. I wouldn't doubt that my list of species desired will grow just the same for beetles once I get the ball rolling.


I don't have much to contribute as of yet, what with no experience and all, so I'm mostly here to learn and watch the classifieds since finding grubs and beetles has proven to be a difficult endeavor. Hopefully, though, I will be able to contribute something of meaning at some point.


On top of being a reptile collector, I'm also an artist of many kinds for fun, and a barista for a living. Not too terribly interesting beyond that!

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Sounds like a fairly interesting resume! Welcome aboard, I started with one female Dynastes Tityus about 3 years ago and ever since have been hooked on studying their life styles etc. I'm hoping now with experience I will be able to find plenty of larvae this summer and if you still don't have any by then I would be willing to send you some!

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Welcome Skink,


I know how you feel when it comes to finding beetles for sale. Once you first get into it you feel like you'll never find anything but after awhile you'll find a lot of people with larvae or adults to offer. Don't give up on the hunt though, it is well worth is.



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