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:) hey guys so my rugose larvae are doing good but my adult beetle and pupae i got from the log seems to doing bad... the pupae smells and turned black so i trashed it. and the adults wont come out of the ground. i also heard that mazama stag beetle and few others dont feed at all when they are beetles. is this true??? so im guessing the rugose doesnt feed. also ill post a pic of the log that i found my rugose so can u guys tell me if they are good for other stags? also i find the log really solid hard and little dry. :) thsnks guys
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I can tell you this... if you extract the pupae they are probably not going to do so well... but... if you make a good pupal cell they have SOME chance of survival (for Lucanus or Dorcus makeshift cells work 100% fine though). Use tissue or a type of foam. I'd say tissue, since it is cheap... and I've had no problems... i just don't know if it will do so hot on Rugose.. :/

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