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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I live in Fountain Hills, Arizona which is about an hour away from Payson. I have been to Payson through August to September for the past two or three years now, but I have yet to find any live specimens of Dynastes grantii except for a female which had stayed at the base of a wall from the previous night. I have talked to a couple different people and I know the times to go in the months and what time at night to look for them. There is a gas station that is right next to the Home Depot in northern Payson which I've heard is good for Dynastes grantii. That is where I've always gone and I've seen pretty much nothing. Just dead specimens and that female. Both the Home Depot and Gas Station have HID lamps and yet all I can seem to find is Xyloryctes thestalus. My question is, are there any really good areas that I can go besides the Home Depot and Gas station in Payson? I've seen many people say that Star Valley is better but I never see any exact locations which could be really good. I've also heard of people finding them in the hundreds somewhere in Navajo county. Going into a clearing or some place with a portable HID lamp isn't really an option at the moment. That's why I'm asking more for like a specific gas station, restaurant, or anything of the sort.
  2. I've noticed that the Eastern Hercules Beetle (D. tityus) is talked about far more often than the Western Hercules Beetle (D. grantii) and is often much more available. Is this purely due to its captive longevity? I would've assumed the Grant's beetle would be more popular due to its length?
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