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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am Buzz from Bugs and Herps. I have been keeping inverts for 12 years but I just now discovered this website after starting a desert darkling communal tank. Currently I have four BDFB in the tank but I look forward to expanding my beetle collection. Other inverts I have or have kept before include garden snails, 6 species of isopods, D. tityus, G. portentosa, and 10+ species of phasmids. I also love reptiles hence the ‘and Herps’ in my name.
  2. One of the most common beetles I find where I live (during the colder months at least) are Uloma spp. I've tried keeping them before, but ultimately they never bred. However, I have learned a lot since then, and have a few ideas about why I may have been unsuccessful. The reason I find them during winter, spring, and autumn, is because they hibernate in rotting logs (that's the only place I've ever found them). I was able to keep them alive until summer, where they became more active at night. This was when they all died. This leads me to believe that they might eat something other than rottin
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