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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I just started my beetle hobby and I just recently got my DHH about 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how often do I need to check on my larva, I check on them once a week through their containers I haven't handled them since I moved them to their individual containers. I had bought substrate from the place I bought my larva along with rotted wood and sphagnum peat moss ( both from another seller) and mixed them up along with the substrate that they came with. I also read about people turning their substrate and I was wondering how would that be benefitable if it's the same substr
  2. I was just wondering if anyone has ever kept cucujus clavipes. If so what are some tips on keeping them?
  3. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and the hobby and recently picked up five L2-3 G. caseyi larvae. I have a basic idea on their care but have a few questions if anyone would be so kind as to answer them for me. -How big to the larvae get? do they get as big as C. mutabilis larvae or are they a bit smaller? -They should be kept relatively moist, but not soaking correct? and do I need to provide them with an extra source of water (eg. apple or potato?) -how long does their pupal stage last? -How quickly do they grow from hatching to imago? Thank you and sorry if these seem to very basic qu
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