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  1. Oh yeah! I’ve already been getting several private messages. Do you ever do light trapping? Also, have you ever caught a xyloryctes?
  2. I have found some L. Capreolus. There are a ton of dorcus around here too.
  3. I am hoping to find a couple adults this year. I have heard they are around my area but quite rare. If I don’t find any I’ll definitely be purchasing some larva. They are my favorite beetle! (Although my favorite beetle changes everyday and I have several)😂
  4. Hi everyone! I am very happy to join the forum. I am relatively new to beetle breeding and am excited to be able to have my questions answered by the pros. I currently have one L3 Goliathus Goliatus I purchased from Bugs in Cyberspace. He has quadrupled in size since I got him! I also have 2 Lucanus Elaphus larva, 3 Megasoma Sleeperi larva, 4 Dynastes Granti larva (about to be pupa), 3 Gymnetis Thula pupa, and a desert beetle tank. I have always been passionate about insects, but in the last couple years I discovered beetle breeding. I also enjoy pinning insects, Mantis breeding, Lepidoptera breeding, and love fishing. I am going to be starting high school next year so you could say I am a fairly young hobbyist. I am one of the few kids who would much rather be outside looking for bugs than indoors doing something boring. I don’t really know anyone else who has the same passions as me, but my family is starting to get into it. Thank you! -Nolen
  5. Hi! I am also a relatively new breeder from the Lansing area. I am very excited to find some cool beetles this year, last year I found Lucanus Capreolus and Dorcus Parallelus. All the beetles I currently am raising I purchased. I have 2 Lucanus Elaphus, 4 Dynastes Granti, 3, Megasoma Sleeperi, 3 Gymnetis Thula, and 1 Goliathus Goliatus. I know that if you look in rotting logs you will find larva. I also plan on doing some light trapping this year.
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