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  1. I was trying to clean the mites off of my d grantii by blowing through a straw as I read that would be a good way to get them off. My beetle was not happy and kept trying to move away until finally he squirted clear excrement all over me! I’ve never seen a beetle do that, was it a defense response or just a coincidence that he “had to go” when I was cleaning? (Mite advice would also be appreciated, I can’t find anything that doesn’t seem like it wouldn’t just cause more stress for the beetle)
  2. He seems about that size! Honestly no idea how it happened but I’m pleasantly surprised
  3. He's been very active and seems healthy so I'm not too concerned but there is a small injury under the elytra if anyone has any advice.
  4. A mallophora I saved from a pool a few days ago. Never seen one of these guys in real life before!
  5. Thank you! Does that still apply at room temperature and in captivity? I thought the few months figure was for wild beetles; I was expecting something more in the range of a few weeks-month like d. tityus.
  6. Hi everyone! I’m raising my first d. grantii. When she built her pupal cell she made it near the edge of container so I’ve been able to monitor her and saw her eclose about two weeks ago. About how long until I should see her actually come out of the cell?
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