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  1. I have put them in a critter keeper while I set up a larger enclosure. I have like 40 total and they have been ovipositing constantly! I have an idea on how to reproduce them and it isn't as simple as other tenebroids, but I hope to produce large amounts of cb ones soon. I will have to go back to catch some death feigning beetles soon.
  2. Hi everyone! New member here. I am new to beetles and first got my real project going just a week ago after doing a lot of reading and am prepared to get into more very soon. Though I am new to beetles, I have been keeping, breeding, buying and selling a variety of invertebrates and reptiles for a couple years now, and am mostly working with giant assassin bugs and some mantid species right now. I run solaxis reptiles on facebook and have some videos on youtube under the same name of some of my animals, and I can't wait to get some large cultures of beetles going to document and sh
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