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  1. I have a few questions regarding beetles. How long is a female Dorcus brevis supposed to live in captivity? How large are the eggs of Dorcus brevis? How long do they sit until they hatch? (the eggs) How long are a male and female Dynastes tityus supposed to live in captivity? How do I go about breeding D. tityus? How large of containers would the larvae need? - Jacob
  2. Biological Hobbies is a server directed to hobbies that involve any form of life. We have kind and friendly members who are fairly active, and we hope that you will join us! We have many, many channels to get involved in, including plants, animals, fungi, moss, and other similar things. Thanks! - Joopes https://discord.gg/7d56sRMhrA(edited)Let me know if this is not allowed on this forum
  3. Ah, that makes more sense than them being prepupal. I still have a lot to learn about keeping beetles : )
  4. They may be in a prepupal state. How long have they been like this?
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