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  1. another update: I think I may have found the food I thought it ate. It stopped appearing at the bottom of the container and I can't see it anymore, should I be worried?
  2. just an update for everyone involved/concerned: it ate two of the pellets and has been in the bottom of the container. It seems fine.
  3. it just dug into it's substrate and I don't want to bother it so I don't have the best picture lol
  4. i just got my beetle larvae from bugsincyberspace and I'm curious on how long it'll take to pupate? i read it's approximately L2 but it could be L1
  5. nice! I think I might just keep it simple and get a larger beetle just to understand the basics. Thank you so much!
  6. what about Chrysina woodii? those are legal in the USA right?
  7. I'd probably prefer larger beetles because I would wanna interact with them by holding them. a group of smaller ones seem more interesting to me since I would see a group at work. but as I mentioned there's a bit of anxiety with owning that group lol
  8. I wanna get a pet beetle but I'm curious on which beetle to get? I have a 17x17x24in terrarium and I'm thinking of either getting just one large beetle or get a group of smaller beetles? If I got a larger beetle would it be a poor living space for it if it doesn't have other ones to interact with? if I got a group of smaller ones, I feel like them breeding might be an issue. if they started breeding would they end up over running my terrarium? Would it be bad to keep say a stag beetle with harlequin beetles? would also appreciate any good species to own in the USA. Thank you!
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