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  1. Thanks for the help! I think I got the 2nd row: Hexarthrius mandibularis, odontolabis femoralis, prosopocoilus mirabilis, hexarthrius parryi, megasoma elephas, Xylotrupes gideon
  2. So I think I got the top row, but does anyone know the bottom row? Thanks! Top: dynastes Hercules, dynastes neptunus, dorcus titanus/antaeus, prosopocoilus giraffa, papuakin yellow stag, Trypoxylus dichotomus
  3. I have an L3 Lucanus Elaphus. Are these tunnels it makes considered the pupal chamber? Or is it supposed to have a darker brown lining of “poo?” Thx!
  4. Thanks all! Sounds like May beetle is the consensus
  5. I live in Southern California, found these grubs in damp soil at the base of a tree. 2.5cm length. Thought maybe Cotinis mutabilis, but it doesn’t crawl on its back. Has single anal slit, can’t tell a particular raster pattern. Could it be a Lucanid? Thanks!
  6. I'm curious if male stags of different species would fight each other or live together okay in the same container - since they aren't really completing for females being from different species
  7. Can you keep different adult male stag beetle species together in the same container? Or are they incompatible? Thanks!
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