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  1. From what I've read, given my inexperience, is that after they break out of their chamber, or before, they simply wait underground until it's time to go forth and be a beetle. For my Lucanus elephus, I think she came out of the pupal chamber and was simply waiting in the substrate, I found her when I was checking my containers, now she's back under clean substrate waiting, she dug herself back in after being removed from the original rearing container.
  2. I admire your dedication... my Aunt has 2 horses, if you or anyone needs some horse piles, let me know. You pay shipping.
  3. My favorite animal- I liked my old world chameleons, and cats. Little care, interesting and nice to look at. Right now, my favorite is my Goliathus grub, he/she is a new thing, I also like my saltwater fish. I don't name my fish, and didn't name the chameleons, mammals get names.
  4. I've got some experience with this issue. All interstate shipping is regulated, and prohibited without a permit. There seem to be exceptions, and to me, the first mistake would be to ask an authoritative agency. Overseas shipments of livestock are also prohibited and you'll never get a permit unless you're a professional entomologist or work for a zoo. Realistically, I've never heard of any issue with shipping any livestock within the USA, and with overseas I've never heard of any of my trading partners from InsectNet.com, having an issue. A lot of things are ill
  5. So, that's how it's done. I'll use this information. Now it looks like I need to buy something... What about the use of oak chunks? I've read that can produce larger beetles without the risk associated with supplemental feeding with dog food or similar foods that can mold quickly.
  6. Well, things happen, and sometimes people end up with more livestock than they can handle, it's happened to me before with Saturniidae, and I've sold eggs just for postage, but if you don't have buyers,there's little a person can do, and for beetles, buying substrate isn't cheap. I think the issue of killing larva is a mute point, larva die for all kinds of reasons, including not accepting a foodplant purported to be accepted, who's fault is that? A long time ago when I raised reptiles, I read that you need to accept this- "if you keep live animals, you'll sooner or later,
  7. Thank you other persons, I find the member ranking system interesting. I'm apparently unhatched. I'll work on that.
  8. Hopefully this will be another useful platform.just started raising Lucanus elephus, and hope to expand.
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